25-26 .11.22

SOMA 700

Territory Disrupt


The concept behind the music-discursive event "Territory Disrupt" was sparked by Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine – which must be seen through a Russian imperialist lens, and which cannot be seen in isolation of other political events and wars that continuously impact our societies in the past years. Through performances and discussions, the two-day event aims for an examination of cultural imperialism and artistic production in times of war and calls for a deeper understanding of modes of imperialism, and the urgency to resist its various forms. With live sets from: Bint Mbareh (PS/UK), Cluster Lizard (UA/DE), Kamilya Jubran & Werner Hasler (FR/CH), Khyam Allami (IQ/UK), Poly Chain (UA). Info & tickets:

SOMA Art Berlin, Eylauer Straße 9, 10965 Berlin
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