SOMA 300


Sina Ataeian Dena


“Pleasure always means not to think about anything, to forget suffering even where it is shown.” Theodor W. Adorno

From 4pm to 10pm, once every hour, we open the doors for a small group of people to enter the 700 square meter space, where in the darkness and just with the help of a torch you will discover pieces by the artist and filmmaker Sina Ataeian Dena.

For every slot only 5 tickets are sold and the income will be fully donated to the gardening of “Chivanhu", a community project and music school in Zimbabwe.

Find out more about the Chivanhu project here

The price is not supposed to be a statement, it’s a common attempt from our performance group to have a world with more TREES.

“TREEDOM” takes place as the last part of the Boys Do Cry event series, which is devoted to the close examination and (re) negotiation of masculinity models. Specifically, the identity node of masculinity and the origin from different regions of Asia is at the center of the considerations of the participating artists, who themselves have backgrounds in Asia and today mostly live in Berlin. In their works, they deal primarily with questions of identity, racism, and societal situatedness along the axes of gender, origin and status. Boys Do Cry is organized by SOMA Art Space, with kind support of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe Berlin.

Curator : Nabi Nara

SOMA Art Berlin, Eylauer Straße 9, 10965 Berlin
SOMA ist ein unabhängiger Non-Profit Ausstellungsraum für zeitgenössische Kunst.