Bound with the Living reconnects with objects displaced in colonial and violent contexts through performance and embodiment practices. The performance series, work complex and platform explores the possibility of creating a common space for knowledge which is produced through a ceremonial, ritualistic form of performance. It uses forms of concentration and training, based on séance techniques, which allow the participants to perform the historical knowledge that they embody without necessarily knowing or recognizing it. It aims to create a common ground for a present that goes beyond the logic of the nation-state and the violence of colonial separations like the binary separation between past and present, the spiritual and empirical science.

Medium: Juna Suleiman
Artistic assistant, production,
costumes: Antonia Eckardt
Sound artist: Miriam Schickler

Nabi Nara

Exhibition & Performative Series of Séances


18:00 Opening
19:30 Recalling History I .a - Conjuring a Looted Wooden Box

19:00 Recalling History IV - Conjuring the Silenced Voices From a hidden violin

19:00 Recalling History V - Reclaiming UnCollected Clocks


In Gemeinschaften entstehen Orte, Traditionen und Rituale, die die Verbindung und den Zusammenhalt ihrer Mitglieder*innen ermöglichen und stärken. Dabei trägt jede*r Einzelne nicht nur Verantwortung für sich Selbst, sondern vor allem auch für das Kollektiv. Dies wird besonders in Krisenzeiten relevant. Das arabische Wort (تَضَام) steht poetisch für das Festhalten aneinander, das Zusammenkommen - die Umarmung. Diese Gruppenausstellung befasst sich mit der Bedeutung dieses Konzepts in der Gesellschaft und gibt einen intimen Einblick in den Alltag und die besonderen Momente der Zusammenkunft von Künstler*innen im Jemen.

Opening 03.12.22

SOMA 700

In his films, Sina Ataeian Dena deals with social and environmental conditions in Iran. In doing so, he plays with opposites, the idyllic and the dystopian, participation and apathy. The works are always accompanied by the overriding theme of violence - sometimes explicitly, sometimes subliminally.

Opening 11.11.22

Opening Program
Dorna Dibaj
Forough Absalan

SOMA 700

Sahar Homami [IR-CA-DE] is an audiovisual artist/programmer, calligrapher and researcher from Tehran, based in Berlin and Montreal. Their background and approach is multidisciplinary and experimental, driven by combining art, technology, mysticism and literature. Their artistic practice assumes different formats while maintaining a strong anchor on storytelling and real-time generative art, calling it live poetic cinema

Opening 11.11.22

SOMA 300

Sara Umar (b. 1978) is a self-taught painter of Pakistani origin who holds a MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths University, London. This is her first solo show in Berlin, where she lives and works. The exhibition title refers to Indian writer and political activist Arundhati Roy’s collection of essays ‘My Seditious Heart’ (2019).

08.09. - 29.10.2022
Wed. - Sat. 4 - 7 p.m.

SOMA 300

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