Kevin Groen lives and works in Berlin and Amsterdam. In his art as a slam poet as well as in his work as a consultant for sustainable corporate strategies and behavioral changes, he does not shy away from exploring the uncomfortable. Having been adopted from South Korea to the Netherlands as a child, ‘identity’ has always been an important theme throughout Groen's life. Today, in his word art, he focuses on oppressive structures such as racism and sexism, their mechanisms, such as white fragility or machismo, and intersectional strategies for analyzing and addressing these issues. Speaking profoundly from personal experiences and considerations, he uses his voice to confront the audience with their conscious and unconscious biases and to inspire them to new patterns of thought and behavior.

SOMA Art Space Berlin, Monumentenstraße 24, 10965 Berlin
SOMA ist ein unabhängiger Non-Profit Ausstellungsraum für zeitgenössische Kunst.