Florian Bong-Kil Grosse (*1977) lives and works in Berlin. His photographs are characterized by the attentive observation and depiction of urban spaces. In a subjective, essayistic manner, Grosse is able to lend meaning and weight to banal situations and everyday phenomena; in doing so, he articulates questions of origin, identity, and self-determination alongside biographical references.Grosse was adopted to Germany in the late 1970s and only returned to his native Korea as an adult. In a series of works, including "Ajeossi," he has since reflected on his complex relationship with Korea: from the perspective of the foreign returnee, he explores everyday life there, less documenting than almost poetically describing. In this way, he creates an image of a country and its people in which his perspective is inscribed and thus accessible to the viewer - regardless of whether the object is foreign or familiar to them.

15.05. - 05.06.2020 

AFF Galerie Berlin

︎︎︎Boys Do Cry

SOMA Art Berlin, Eylauer Straße 9, 10965 Berlin
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