Chuan Lun Wu's artistic practice is dedicated to the constant changes, compromises, and contradictions that define the relationships between nature and civilization, ecology and politics, the material and the digital. He uses a variety of media, including computer-generated imagery, photography, drawing, found objects, and porcelain, to create his conceptual and research-based installations. Processes of collecting serve as the starting point for his recent works: Wu brings to light their complex and entangled historical and social contexts, exploring the identity and meaning of the collected objects. Chuan Lun Wu lives and works in Berlin and his birthplace Tainan, Taiwan.

11.06. - 27.06 2022
wed. - fri. 4 - 7 p.m.

SOMA 300

︎︎︎Memories of the Future

SOMA Art Berlin, Eylauer Straße 9, 10965 Berlin
SOMA ist ein unabhängiger Non-Profit Ausstellungsraum für zeitgenössische Kunst.